Christine Clifton

Christine Clifton is a possibilities thinker. She's a collaborative rainmaker for professional services firms: teaching them how to have fruitful conversations that create connections with the right people and resources. As a quiet entrepreneur, Christine founded Mindful Business Matters and enjoys inspirational speaking and writing to bring her voice into the world.

When she took her leap of faith into entrepreneurship after a 20-year management career, she realized she didn't know how to network like a pro. She made some mistakes communicating; yet learned how to have connected networking conversations so she could help more people and grow her business. She now teaches her quiet power techniques so other relational business-people can avoid the energy drain of promoting themselves and the 'feast and famine' of service entrepreneurship.

By showing up authentically in their work, introverts or extraverts can better align what they do with who they are - and Thrive!


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