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­ication 3

“Just as the Jew is hated in Russia, because he is thrifty, so the negro meets no resistance when on a downward course. `It is only when he rises in wealth, intelligence and manly character that he brings upon himself the heavy hand of persecution.”

Frederick Douglass

July 1892
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If you want to have a good job, practice Capitalist Niggerism, because you want to beat the people who expect you to fail because they believe you are stupid. You will succeed because you work harder and twice as hard as the average Caucasian. You will not gripe or whine about it because you are a Capitalist Nigger, you know you are in charge in every aspect of the process.
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You want to succeed in creating wealth, join Wall Street. Don’t make excuses that Blacks don’t know how to invest their money. Go after the Caucasians. Use their guilt to your advantage.
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