Christopher Jones

Christopher Paul Jones, known as the UK's Breakthrough Expert, is a renowned phobia specialist. His expertise in treating fears and phobias has earned him international recognition, with features on platforms like the BBC, and Channel 4, and in publications such as GQ and Harper's Bazaar. Jones' client base is global, including Hollywood actors.

His approach to phobia treatment is distinguished by his Integrated Change System™, a combination of mainstream psychology and innovative methods. This system, developed over 20 years of research and experience in Europe, North America, and Asia, has proven effective in rapidly alleviating fears, anxieties, and phobias, often in just one session.

His personal experience in overcoming phobias, including public speaking and flying, adds to his empathetic and effective treatment style.

In his latest book, "Face Your Fears" (2024), Jones offers a practical guide for conquering common phobias and anxiety. The book outlines his 7-step Integrated Change System, providing readers with guided exercises to identify and overcome the sources of their fears. This method, backed by his extensive research and practice, promises a quick and easy path to removing phobias.

Jones' dynamic coaching style is characterized by high energy, focus, and unconventional techniques, ensuring deep and swift change for his clients.

Christopher Jones lives with his family in London and its countryside.

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