Ian Johnston

This vibrant new translation comes from the prolific pen of Ian Johnston. Born in Chile in 1938, educated in England and Canada, Johnston graduated from McGill with a BSc in Chemistry and Geology, from Bristol with a BA in English and Greek, and from Toronto with an MA in English. He taught for many years in the British Columbia post-secondary system: at the University of British Columbia, the College of New Caledonia (in Prince George), and at Malaspina University-College (in Nanaimo). He is now retired and lives in Nanaimo, British Columbia, where his main preoccupation is maintaining and adding to his internet collection of lectures, essays, and translations. He has translated many key texts from Ancient Greece – poems, plays, philosophy – but also translates from German.


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But now the door was not opened any more, and Gregor waited in vain. Earlier, when the door had been barred, they had all wanted to come in to him; now, when he had opened one door and when the others had obviously been opened during the day, no one came any more, and the keys were stuck in the locks on the outside
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But the high, open room, in which he was compelled to lie flat on the floor, made him anxious, without his being able to figure out the reason, for he had lived in the room for five years
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There he remained the entire night, which he spent partly in a state of semi-sleep, out of which his hunger constantly woke him with a start, but partly in a state of worry and murky hopes, which all led to the conclusion that for the time being he would have to keep calm and with patience and the greatest consideration for his family tolerate the troubles which in his present condition he was now forced to cause them
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