Robert Rose

I'm an 81 year old retired teacher. I have written over 26 books, done 130 You Tubes videos, and for four years have been on I interview CHANGE AGENTS. People who have changed themselves and are now helping others change. My UNINTERRUPTED hour interviews are appreciated by most of my guests who say it was one of or the best interview they've had. I'm proud of my education and self help books. CREATING YOUR GIANT SELF: Best Self Help Book - Ever has a forward by Dr. Robert Anton Wilson, Human Potential Guru who stated it was the best self help book - ever, which I added to the revised edition. I'm proud of my 50 years teaching as I have developed more educational innovations than any teacher I've read about.I'm proudest of my 50 years with Marie with whom we raised 7 children in our yours, mine, and ours extended family. They are all decent, very loving people with whom we share our lives. I hope you find my books and and radio show helpful and any feedback will be appreciated.


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