Eva Delano

Nonfiction writer Eva Delano is the third child and first daughter of Steve and Mary Beth Delano. She was born in Portland, Maine. Eva's parents are well-respected members of the community. Her father is an Oxford educated rector serving at the angelic and parish. Her mother is an artist with a reputation for exquisite classical oil paintings. From a young age Eva has shown a knack for giving helpful advice to others, even those much older and (supposedly) much "wiser" than her. Her interest in psychology, self-help and self-improvement has led her to pen several books on those topics. Often described as possessing and old soul, Eva prides herself on her ability to give comfort and solid counseling to those who seek her out. She says, "If I can only be marginally helpful to another human being, then I feel as if my life has purpose." When she's not counseling others on the basics of life, you can find Eva dispensing dating and relationship advice as a sort of Ann Landers of her generation. It's not surprising that her opinion on male-female dynamics is highly sought after since she herself has enjoyed a 20 year marriage to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of three wonderful children. "Writing is my passion, but my family is my life. Without them I would be truly lost, and without my writing I would feel like a ship passing through the night of life, without direction or a sense of mission." As a prolific writer Eva Delano has found her voice and she expresses it without hesitation or reservation. For that reason she enjoys a large and highly diversified audience that devours every word that she puts down on paper. For the past four years she has been committed to researching her latest book, the subject matter of which she keeps under tight wraps, even from her publisher. However, Eva promises that it will be the most original work ever performed on such a serious social problem. And judging from the numerous comments from her readers and fans on her social networking page, they can't wait for it to roll off the press.


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