Heather Peace

Heather Peace is a former theatre director and BBC script editor who now writes fiction and teaches creative writing for the Open University. Her novel All to Play For, which draws on her television career, came out in 2011.

Not to be confused with a British actress Heather Mary Peace.

Heather Peace started her career working in touring theatre, commissioning and directing new plays. Heather has worked as a script editor at the BBC, as Head of Comedy Development at Witzend Productions, and is now a freelance editor and writer.

She joined the BBC Drama Script Unit in 1989, later script editing productions in Drama Serials under Michael Wearing and Comedy under Robin Nash, where she developed Lisselle Kayla's groundbreaking sitcom Us Girls.

In 1991 she left the BBC to become Head of Comedy Development at Witzend Productions, returning in 1994 to edit one week in four of EastEnders for a year. From 1994–1996 she was a senior script editor in Drama Serials, leaving to become a freelance editor and writer.

"Writing isn’t as hard as getting a publisher to read your work," Peace said.

She wrote for the second series of Crossroads and has written several short stories; she trained to teach English in 2003.

Heather Peace currently lives in London. She is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University on the Advanced Creative Writing course.
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