Charles Dickens

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    But my present purpose is not to expatiate upon my walks. The story I am about to relate, and to which I shall recur at intervals, arose out of one of these rambles
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    You'll be one-and-twenty before you know where you are, and then perhaps you'll get some further enlightenment. At all events, you'll be nearer getting it, for it must come at last."
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    And still I stood looking at the house, thinking how happy I should be if I lived there with her, and knowing that I never was happy with her, but always miserable.
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    People are put in the Hulks because they murder, and because they rob, and forge, and do all sorts of bad; and they always begin by asking questions.
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    Ask no questions, and you'll be told no lies."
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    Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth
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    I don't know; I really don't know,' said Giles, with a rueful countenance. 'I couldn't swear to him.'
    'What do you think?'
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    Take hold of my leg; and, when I say “Over,” raise me gently.’

    ‘All right, sir.’

    Having settled these preliminaries, Mr. Pickwick grasped the top of the wall, and gave the word ‘Over,’ which was literally obeyed. Whether his body partook in some degree of the elasticity of his mind, or whether Mr. Weller’s notions of a gentle push were of a somewhat rougher description than Mr. Pickwick’s, the immediate effect of his assistance was to jerk that immortal gentleman completely over the wall on to the bed beneath, where, after crushing three gooseberry–bushes and a rose–tree, he finally alighted at full length.
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    Such was the individual on whom Mr. Pickwick gazed through his spectacles (which he had fortunately recovered), and to whom he proceeded, when his friends had exhausted themselves, to return in chosen terms his warmest thanks for his recent assistance.
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    And all of us have like wonders hidden in our breasts, only needing circumstances to evoke them.
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