Hilly Janes

Hilly Janes is an award-winning journalist. She has worked as a features editor and writer on national quality newspapers and magazines, including The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Observer, The Daily Telegraph, and Prospect magazine, and most recently as a consultant editor at Radio Times, the UK's leading TV listings magazine.

Specializing in health, lifestyle, food and drink, fitness, and parenting, she launched and edited the Times's acclaimed Body&Soul 24pp health section for six years, for which she won the prestigious Medical Journalists' Association health editor of the year award. The section also won the coveted Patients' Association patient information award.

She has been a panelist or chair at many public events discussing health issues, such as the Cheltenham Literature Festival, the Bath LitFest, and the Institute of Ideas.

Hilly has taught media studies students at Goldsmith's university in London, where she was an external examiner on the MA journalism degree course for four years, and she continues informally to mentor and support young women entering the profession. She is on the committee of the campaigning and networking organization, Women in Journalism, and chairs a sub-group that arranges its training seminars and VIP events.

She now works as a freelance writer, editor, media consultant, and speaker and lives in London with her husband and two children aged eleven and seventeen.

Photo credit: Twitter @hillyjanes



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