J.F. Penn

Jo Frances (J.F.) Penn is an award-nominated New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of thrillers, dark fantasy, crime, and travel books. Penn wrote over 35 books, with almost a million sold across 169 countries and five languages. She also made a non-fiction career under the name Joanna Penn.

Joanna began as a writer in 2007 after ten years as an IT consultant. She started to investigate ways to change careers, and in the process, she wrote How To Love Your Job or Find A New One. Penn self-published it in 2008. This book changed her life because she discovered self-publishing and a network of writers online through it.

"I sold about 100 copies of that first non-fiction book before I understood that I needed to learn marketing!" Joanna said.

As a fiction writer, J.F. Penn is best known for the ARKANE action-adventure thriller series featuring agent Jake Timber. She published her first novel, Pentecost, in February 2011 (republished as Stone of Fire in 2015). It is a fast-paced thriller that explores the edges of faith against a backdrop of early Christian history, archaeology, and psychology.

Her other successful novel series include the London Crime series, Mapwalker series, and The Sin series.

Also, J.F. Penn is positioning herself as a top blogger and an expert in marketing writing. She shares her travels and interviews other authors about the places that inspire them on her Books And Travel Podcast. It chronicles Joanna’s ups and downs in finding her writer’s voice.

J.F. Penn now lives in Bath, England.

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but Morgan moved again, ducking and rolling across the carpet to a better position.
She fired again.
The second shot found its mark in the man’s forehead, and he crashed to the floor.
Morgan stood and walked over to the fallen body of her assailant, her heart pounding with the adrenalin of battle. She flicked on the lights, holding her gun on him, just in case. Blood spattered her books and the mandala print. Brain matter dripped down the bookcase onto the carpet
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hide in. She had run through
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as the sacred flames consumed the corpses, releasing them from the suffering of repeated


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