Ira Robinson

Ira Robinson started writing when he was a young lad, finishing his first short story at the age of nine, his first novel at the age of twelve, and has never looked back. Primarily interested in stories of the Fantasical and edgy science fiction, he has incorporated his
love of imaginative stories with his passion for evoking a deep emotional response in his readers. His desire is to bring a thoughtful perspective in his readers and to make them the
most important part of the tale he weaves. Ira has been host of a radio show for many years, as well, and, through the experiences and information it has allowed him to access, he has also found a passion for writing non-fiction books which are not only thought provoking, but life changing. Through it all, the focus is always on the reader, and, whether
it is a story being told or an answer being found, his books have joined the favorite spots of many bookshelves. Ira Robinson lives with his wife Jolene, their children and a cat,
who, of course, believes Ira should spend less time writing and more time giving treats.
His books can be found at his official website,, and his shows can be found at


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