John Heaton

John Heaton graduated top of his class with a Diploma in Information Technology from Technikon Witwatersrand in South Africa (equivalent to Bachelors in computer science). He has 10+ years with Oracle Corporation, including as a Practice Manager. John has been co-managing the North Business Intelligence and Warehouse Consulting practice delivering business intelligence solutions to Fortune 500 clients. During this time he has steadily added business skills and business training to his technical background. This experience gives John a great background and insight into the requirements of differing businesses and how to design and develop technical solutions enabling clients to realize their requirements. John's strengths include the ability to communicate the benefits of introducing a business intelligence solution into a client's architecture. He has consistently become a trusted advisor to our clients. John's philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. He relies on the unique abilities of individuals to ensure success in different areas and strives to foster a team environment of creativity and achievement. Today, John specializes as a Solution Architect assisting customers in designing large complex data warehouses. Through his years John has worked in numerous industries with differing technologies. This broad experience base allows John to bring a unique perspective and understanding when designing and developing a data warehouse. The strong business background, coupled with technical expertise and his professional certification in Project Management makes John a valued asset to any project or organization. John frequently presents at Business Intelligence conferences on a variety of subjects.


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