Mike Hogan

I'm based in Thailand. I've lived most of my life in Africa, Asia and the Far East manufacturing handicrafts and teaching. I decided to quit regular work and write. There wasn't really a plan, just an instinct that I could write in different historical and contemporary settings.I recently completed a Sherlock Holmes novel trilogy in which Winston Churchill, aged twelve, joins Sherlock and Watson at 221B Baker Street. All are available on Amazon and from MX PublishingMy semi-autobiographical coming-of-age novel, Hamlet and Me is on on Kindle. A boy learns about life as he moonlights at the Old Vic theatre in London during the rehearsals for the O'Toole Hamlet in 1963.Two collections of Sherlock Holmes short stories are also on Kindle and paperback, and another novel, Sherlock Holmes - The Scottish Question, is on the way.I hope to publish Hamlet and Me and a book set in Ancient Rome in 475 AD on paperback in 2014.Have a look at my blog for other stories.
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