Henri Nouwen

Who Are We?

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Join one of the 20th century's most inspiring spiritual writers on a journey of self-discovery.
Society teaches us to define ourselves by the things we have: belongings, education, experiences. Our inner worth depends on our surroundings, and, as the Gospels say, we "belong to the world."
Spiritual master Henri Nouwen teaches you how to move beyond such traps and achieve a deeper sense of self. Nouwen draws upon his own experience of leaving a Harvard professorship to work with the disabled. His talks will inspire you with their combination of spiritual reflection, humor, and profound insight.
You will begin by looking at your own obstacles, for as Nouwen says, "Only when you are willing to recognize your darkness can you really receive the light." In the second half of this series, you will reflect upon spiritual communion and what it means to be "taken, blessed, broken, and given." You will transform your brokenness into blessedness, discovering how your life is meant to be a gift to the world.
By entering fully into Christ's love, you will bear the gifts of the Spirit. Let Nouwen's talks lead you back to God's arms.
This course is part of the Learn25 collection.
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