Allen Gilchrist

The Mountains Within

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"As you open this book innumerable joys overflow its confines, cascading in through your eyes and your ears and the pores of your skin. Allen Gilchrist writes under the influence of the more-than-human earth, and he has crafted a cadence all his own for singing the exuberance of mountains, spiders, sequoias, and swooping wings -- a verbal music for conveying all that he inhales through his senses and alchemizes in his heart, back out again into ours." - David Abram, author of Becoming Animal
"The Mountains Within is a joy of a book. Allen Gilchrist is one of those rare souls whose life and writing radiate nature's ecstatic presence and benevolence. Each poem is a doorway inviting the reader to partake in an intimate connection with wildness." - Joseph Bharat Cornell, Founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide
Regent Press
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