Alex Canny

Emotional Intelligence: Simple Ways to Fix Your EQ

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Do you wish you understood others better? Do you want to master your own emotions?
In recent years, it’s become increasingly obvious that emotional intelligence just as important, if not more so, than simply possessing a high IQ. Research suggests that people with higher emotional intelligence lead more successful, productive lives. They are happier, healthier, and generally better at achieving their goals.
But what is emotional intelligence? How does it differ from IQ? And how can you learn to improve yours?
Learn all this and more in Emotional Intelligence: Simple Ways to Fix Your EQ!
Dr. Alex Canny is a psychologist with a decade of experience working with the UCLA Psychology Clinic. He’s authored numerous books focused on self-help for mental disorders, depression, drug addiction, personality disorder, and related mental health topics.
In Emotional Intelligence: Simple Ways to Fix Your EQ, he can teach you how to raise your emotional intelligence, and, in doing so, enhance your personal and professional relationships with others.
Working in simple steps and practical examples, Dr. Canny explains the five core principles of emotional intelligence and how they relate to real life. You can learn these principles to master your emotions, and gain control of how you react to those around you. You’ll discover how to emphatically assess emotions in others to understand how they are feeling and relate to them on another level.
The audiobook is filled with helpful tips and tricks that make it easy - even for beginners - to understand these psychological concepts without the jargon.
When your emotional intelligence is high, you are better equipped to identify your own emotional state, analyze and understand the emotional states of the people around you, and engage with those people more fully.
With Emotional Intelligence: Simple Ways to Fix Your EQ you can take your “people skills” to the next level!
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