Kennedy King

SkyLine: The Dragon Commander

Save the world only to sacrifice the one you left behind...
Major Christopher is no stranger to a dramatic crises. But after surviving a traumatic past haunted by deep rooted scars and lingering questions about his father’s distrust for technology, he’s ready to embrace being assigned to a desk job.
If only things were so simple…the calm doesn’t last long as tragedy strikes Precinct 117 in Shanghai.
The AI units designed to partner with the police have turned on their human masters and Christopher and his team are deployed to protect humankind and find out what caused the change in the robot’s experimental personality matrix.
What started as a crisis has turned into a full-scale, inner-planetary life and death fight for humanity.
Will it be victory? Or will life end in total destruction?
If you are a fan of Mass Effect, Star Wars, StarCraft or Deus Ex, you'll love this military science fiction adventure.
For heart pounding, intense action sequences and incredible otherworldly experiences, grab your copy of SkyLine - The Dragon Commander today!
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