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Sabai Nan Aluih

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Sabai Nan Aluih is a folklore from Padang Tarok, Baso, Agam located in West Sumatra province. This heroic themed story is written by Sutan Sati. Sabai Nan Aluih is the name of the daughter of Rajo Babanding and Sadun Saribai. This story tells about the heroic action of Sabai Nun Aluih in retaliating her father's death to their main enemy; Rajo Nan Panjang. The Sabai Nan Aluih story has an important message for us, she is a beautiful and gentle woman. However, she is not afraid to defend the truth eventhough she knows that her life is on the line. Sabai is also a child who obeys her parents. She often helps and has full respects towards her father and mother. The story of Nan Aluih can be a role model and a good example for children.
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