Stefan A. Malfliet

Victoria - Treat Your Company Like A Lady

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Why are some people and businesses able to achieve the operational and strategic goals they want? And why are they able to do this consistently?

What makes them so succesful, and more importantly, How do they do it?

In "VICTORIA - Treat Your Company Like A Lady", Stefan A. Malfliet analyses and provides a framework based on the "individual" needs of a company. Or "Victoria", as he refers to "a company".

The six basic needs of Victoria are:


<li>Simplicity vs. Complexity: Is the need to simplify so that the foundation is built to venture into new challenges.</li>

<li>Adventure: Every Victoria has an urge for Adventure. It makes her tick. The most significant of adventures to be a visionary to this world.</li>

<li>Significance: What is the point when what she stands for, does not mean anything or will eventually become obsolete.</li>

<li>Passion: She shares a passion for her customer, product or service and all the people that she interacts with on a daily basis.</li>

<li>Growth: If she does not GROW, she DIES!</li>

<li>Contribution: The dream of being part of the infinite game of sharing. Being able to pass on what she stands for to the world. To multiply!</li>


Learning to recognize the balance of Victoria's needs can unlock the path to the successful implementation of any initiative within your company.

Through many practical examples based on Stefan's 25 years of experience as both an executive and an entrepreneur, he explains how to balance Victoria's needs and how anybody can do it.

The book also contains 7 real life cases, providing valuable insight into finding the "right" balance of Victoria's needs.

Many of you will most certainly recognize several of these situations and will be able to learn from the mistakes as well as the successes.
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