Nicholas John

How To Completely Screw Up Your Kids Life...Or Not

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I had a friend once who came from an abusive family, the problem was he didn't know they were abusive, he just thought they were loud and colorful. So on his dads death bed he asked the father why he never said he loved him, of course I love you, I put food on the table and clothes on your back, ya think I'd do that for a stranger you stupid son of bitch, my friend shook his head up and down in agreement before he told his own son to say goodbye to grandpa and then called his kid a dumb ass. In "How to Completely Screw Up Your Kids Life...Or Not" you'll learn every trick in the book on how to break free from your families habits, how to raise children in a realistic and positive environment without all the Zen Bullshit that usually accompanies these types of books. This is real world solutions for real world problems. If your child is being bullied, made fun of, has drug or alcohol problems, social media problems or is a bully themselves, this book will give you a solution, I've left nothing out, this shit works.

Both my wife and I came from very dysfunctional families, we vowed on the day we found out that we were going to be parents that we would never be like our parents, their parents or their parents, yes our habits were were a hundred years in the making and the time to put an end to it was right there and then. No matter if you start before your first child arrives or the last child is born, whether you start when your child is a teen or preteen, its fool proof and will make their life along with yours filled with joyous and exciting experiences instead of lull and hardships.
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