Stephen Fleming

The Leather Crafting,Wood Burning and Whittling Starter Handbook: Beginner Friendly 3 in 1 Guide with Process,Tips and Techniques in Leatherworking and Wood Crafting

Are you looking for hobbies that can be a favorite weekend pastime for young, old, and teens alike?
Well, you can get 3 of them in a single book:
Leather Crafting
Wood Burning
We all need few hobbies to unwind, relax, and cut off from the routine chores and excessive technology (Digital Detox).
Also, whether you are young, old, or teen, across all age groups, these activities are required for different reasons.
This book would present you with minimalistic and value-packed information on these three crafts, which would enable you to start and finish your first project.
About the Author
I am a Technology Consultant by profession and started my leathercraft and woodcraft journey in the year 2014. I started by going through multiple YouTube videos, courses, Facebook groups, and finally completed my first project after four months.
I was confused and was lost in the magnitude of information available online. I firmly believe that while starting, you need exact, necessary, minimalistic information to start your first project, pardon: Complete your first project!
So I started writing this book to provide a minimalistic approach to information required to start your first leather project. It covers:
Leather Crafting
History of Leather
Basics Tools and their usage
Making Patterns
Cutting Patterns
Beveling, Embossing, Stamping
Stitching basics
Coloring and Finishing
Tips, Techniques for the beginner
Appendix: List of online resources available for free patterns, tips, and techniqu
Wood Burning/Pyrography
Introduction to the art: The history and steps involved
Tools: All about tools required: Detailed instructions on using Wood Burner including different tips
Designing, Tracing, and Shadi
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