Andrew Bridgewater,chartered psychologist

Nutrition for Resilience: 8 steps to supercharge your natural energy & wellbeing at work

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What you can expect from this program - created by UK Chartered Psychologist, Andrew Bridgewater.

•Vigour, more energy, feelings of wellbeing and vitality

•Better sleep pattern and improved quality of sleep

•Greater mental clarity, more ability to focus and better productivity at work

•More stress tolerance, staying power and bounce back from setbacks

•A better body image, including Inch loss and weight loss (if you have these to lose)

Nutrition for Resilience is an easy to follow 8 week program

This is what business owner Richard Hill says:

"I have to say I was a little sceptical, but decided to give Andrew's program a go! Within days of making some very “simple” changes to my daily routine, I was blown away with how it had changed me overall. Several months later and my energy levels are through the roof, I feel I have so much more clarity in my daily work and I get much more done on a daily basis.".

Andrew writes - I suffered with work-related stress for many years and this culminated in an episode of severe depression in 2006 when I spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital.

It was the lowest point in my life (especially as I'd qualified as a psychologist the year before). After being placed on high doses of medication, I rapidly gained 50lbs or 22kgs in weight. In the autumn of 2007, I came off medication and lost the excess weight in 6 months, while working in a challenging corporate training role.

In the years following my release from hospital, I researched everything I could about how to develop resilience and deal with stress at work in natural, healthy and sustainable ways.

This program shares the best of what I've discovered about nutrition and its links with resilience and wellbeing. I appear regularly on BBC Radio and look forward to helping you enjoy more energy and less stress - both inside and outside work.

For further information and latest tips, check out my new free online training at www.TheMentalHealthCoach.net
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