Sara Olsson

December 19: Tranquility Bay – An Erotic Christmas Calendar

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""His gaze alternated between looking into her eyes, looking at the gap formed at the knot of the towel and at the hand hidden under the terry towel."

Hannah, a successful businesswoman, has left Stockholm and gone to her family home in Ångermanland to escape, not least from all the superficial relationships. She often fond of tall, dark-haired businessmen, but her neighbour, concert pianist Evald, is known for his lavish sex life, and quickly catches her interest. Hannah's cousin Molly lives nearby with her partner Jonah, who researches sexual behaviour. He has borrowed old diaries from Hannah's relative and the stories therein inspire Molly..."

Sara Olsson is an author, publisher, sex counsellor, literary scholar and winter sports enthusiast. She has previously written the novel ‘DEAD & ALIVE’, as well as the thriller ‘Dolt under grond’, the latter alongside Martin Falkman. Sara has also written four non-fiction books and contributed to an anthology of haiku.
Emma Ericson
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