Tina Glasneck

Hell for the Holidays

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No one begins life as a queen. Before she was Lady Hel, Queen of Helheim, and goddess of the dead, she was just Hel, daughter of Loki, and a giantess, Angrboda.
Oblivious to the pending war between the gods, Hel and her family are picnicking in the shadows of Asgard when Odin and his soldiers arrive. To stop the All-Father's apocalyptic premonition from happening, he decides Loki's children must be destroyed, no matter the cost.
Even if such action sparks a supernatural reckoning.
A Queen is not born, she is forged by sheer will and suffering. Odin started a battle, and Hel hath the fury to end them all.
Find out how it all began in HELL FOR THE HOLIDAYS.


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