Philip Dick

Foster You're Dead

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Foster You're Dead by Philip K. Dick Almost everyone had a bomb shelter. You had to have one, in fact, you needed the latest model because the Russians were always developing new weapons that could penetrate the old bomb shelters.
From Star Science Fiction Stories in 1955 - It's a bare three years since Philip K. Dick's first story appeared in print - but they have been busy years for the man who has be­ come one of the newest of the "old pros." Science-fiction magazines differ among themselves as the night from the day; but almost all of them have one feature in common, and that is the appearance, with frightening reg­ularity, of the name "Philip K. Dick" on their contents pages. A writer is not born with such popularity; he must earn it, and a good way to earn it is by producing stories as deft, and as revealing as -- Foster You're Dead
Scott Miller
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