Andrew Bridgewater

Fit For Business - Extended Edition

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work?
You CAN do something about it.
I wrote 'Fit for Business' to help others combat the challenges I faced when ending up in a psychiatric hospital in 2006. Suffering from severe depression after a prolonged period of work-related stress, I could find little practical help or support to deal with the problems I was facing.
This book is a powerful and moving story of recovery, and a formula for dealing with stress, depression and anxiety. It sets out a simple 12-week programme of small changes that together help create a healthy work life balance without the need to resort to prescription drugs, which often have unpleasant and potentially long-term side effects.
For too long, chronic stress, depression and anxiety at work have been taboo subjects that people feel reluctant to talk about. Any help that is available usually focuses on attempting a quick fix, rather than long lasting prevention and a good work life balance. This book tackles the stigma head on and provides powerful methods for dealing with stress in natural, healthy and lasting ways.
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