Edmond Hamilton

The Space Emperor

Captain Future...the Ace of Space! Born and raised on the moon, Curtis Newton survived the murder of his scientist parents to become the protector of the galaxy known as Captain Future.
With his Futuremen - Grag the giant robot, Otho, the shape-shifting android and Simon Wright, the Living Brain - he patrols the solar system in the fastest space ship ever constructed, the Comet, pursuing human monsters and alien threats to Earth and her neighbor planets.
Doom on Jupiter Out of the Past Ambush in Space World of Creeping Crystals Power of the Space Emperor Monsters That Were Men Otho Takes the Trail The Trail Laboratory Magic Beneath Jovian Moons Brain and Robot Secret of the Mine Place of the Dead The Living Ancient Doom of An Earthman Prison Pit Chamber of Horrors The Sleeper in the Cavern The Epic of Ages Power of the Ancients The Unmasking The Way of Captain Future
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