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John Locke

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The Libertarian who spoke up.
Although considered as a pure politician and idealist by some, John Locke’s philosophical views on life have inspired many to take a step back and reassess the nature of governments, property, and human rights. He was an advocate of freedom and liberty. His influence cannot be underestimated when looking at the philosophical debates that have been held since his time, let alone during his lifetime.
Therefore, to give the deserved credit to this impressive thinker, you can hear about topics such as:
The “Two Treaties of Government” about which John Locke wrote.John Locke’s background and the origin of his name.His views on individualism and liberalism.A fun comparison between Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, and John Locke.Descartes’ criticism on John Locke and the rational debate between their views.Critical thinking, knowledge, and imagination.Get a new perspective by studying John Locke’s ideas, concepts, and his criticism on society and governments.
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