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Everything is fucked - Summary in English

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In this audiobook summary of Everything is Fucked by Mark Manson you will learn how hope can keep you motivated to achieve more results but in the same we shouldn’t be too dependent on it. Rather, we should create a world in which hope is not a means to an end but an end in itself. Hope should stem from appreciating our own insignificance in the grand scale of things however uncomfortable the truth is. We should accept things as they are and develop virtues based on Kant’s formula for humanity. An excellent book on hope and the crisis of being.
Compared to the vast universe, our actions and material existence are insignificant. Our brains react to our insignificance through the construction of hope which is our mind’s primary goal.

“Hope is the only thing any of us willingly dies for. Hope is what we believe to be greater than ourselves. Without it, we believe we are nothing.”In other words, everything is fucked is the belief that there is no hope. When you believe that everything is fucked, you lose the motivation to do anything.
Jee Utrecht
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