Gabi Plumm

Teapots 3. Hideaway House

The residents of Hideaway House, as led by the amazon Joan Holloway-Potts-Jones, are well into the swing of things, Naked parties rule the day until a bedraggled bunch of road accident survivors turn up at their door. Hard on their heels is a category 5 cyclone which all but destroys their Home and forces them to decamp to Rosehill Retirement Home for Gentlefolk in Cairns. But Joan is not quite well. Has she had a stroke? Her behaviour is peculiar and her mind appears demented. How will this play out in Rosehill when she finds out that Frank Chambers' wife Dulcie was injured in the cyclone and now lies in a coma in hospital. Will Joan make yet another play for Frank? And what will happen if Dulcie dies?
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Gabi Plumm
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