Anita Knight

Breast Stroke

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Breast Stroke is an opposites attract short college romance with a strong curvy heroine and a dirty talking hero. It is the first in the College Sports series and can be read as a standalone.

I joined the Tempt University swim team to beat records and kick ass.
Instead, I’m working my curves off trying to pick up the slack for the slow pokes on my team.
They think this is all for fun, but I’m here to win. With Districts right around the corner, that’s exactly what I plan to do.
Until Aiden King and his cocky smile get in my head.
That handsome jerk somehow swam his way into my brain, but with a fierce competition ahead of us, there’s no time for distractions.
The thing is, I can’t seem to drown him out for the life of me…

Maya Martinez is serious, sassy, and sexy as hell, especially when she’s mad at me for swimming too slow.
She’s the fastest swimmer in the history of Tempt University’s co-ed relay team, and she never lets me forget it.
The only thing faster than that curvy woman is how quick she is to judge me.
To her, I’m just the slow poke teammate she always rolls her pretty eyes at.
But I see right through her little charade, and her skintight one-piece.
Maya wants me. Almost as bad as I want her.
And after we win districts tomorrow, I’ll make sure that Maya and I celebrate in a post-competition heat of our own.

If you love sexy opposites attract sports romances with witty banter and a dash of humor, you’ll love this book. No cliffhangers in this fun college romance.
This story takes place at Tempt University, where academic tensions run high and everyone is overdue for a sizzling, lust-fueled fling to get back on track (even the professors). Welcome to Tempt University!
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