Pennie Mae Cartawick

Sherlock Holmes: The Perseus Collection

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Three Compelling Sherlock Holmes Mysteries In One Book. Narrated by the celebrity actor P.J. Ochlan who has also won numerous voice audio awards.
Story One: The Hex of a Gypsy Woman.
He raised his disheveled head from his hands. The face was that of my friend, but the expression it bore was unrecognizable. He was indeed out of countenance. "All that I have seen and all that I know, dear fellow, for it to come to this. The great Sherlock Holmes undone by a gypsy woman."
Story Two: Season Tickets to a Crime Carnival.
A woman's scream pierced the silence, and the tent erupted into chaos. I grabbed Watson's coat to steady myself as the audience swarmed down the platform and towards the exits. I could scarcely believe the reaction.
Story Three: The Uncanny Disappearance of Miss Ellis.
Mr. Ellis took a very deep breath, letting it out in a tired sigh. "Our daughter is missing. Vanished from her room two nights ago without a sound." he began, wringing his hands as he searched for a place to sit. He found a chair, and plopped down in it.
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