Nicole Pedersen-Mckinnon

How To Get Mortgage Free Like Me: Real Aussies reveal how they've done it faster, smarter and cheaper

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"We've done it and you can too"
Securing the roof over your head is the safest money move you can make. And it's far easier when you know the shortcuts, structures and strategies that I do.
Better still, record-low interest rates mean it's never been cheaper. You have a once-in-a-lifetime window to get mortgage-free fast and for far less.
We're here to tell you, firsthand, that owning your home outright is a bloody beautiful, freeing feeling.
In these pages, generous families from all over the country divulge – for you – the surprisingly painless ways they've beat a mortgage.
Alongside them I confide how industry insiders – like me – make every dollar count for more... as well as tap into little-known sources of bonus dollars.
With our help, YOU can be mortgage-free too!
Nicole x
Long-time TV money commentator and national newspaper columnist Nicole-Pedersen-Mckinnon, who paid off her mortgage in seven years.
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