David Bruns,J.R. Olson

Death of a Pawn

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Suicide? Murder? Or political cover up?From the military veteran writing team that brought you Weapons of Mass Deception, facts and fiction merge into a story about the global chess match of international espionage.
Sunday, January 18, 2015: Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman is found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment. First ruled a suicide, then a homicide, Nisman’s death remains unsolved to this day.
But one man—a Hezbollah operative—knows what really happened. He knows because he was ordered to murder Nisman—and someone beat him to it.
Start listening to Death of a Pawn and go behind the scenes of this real-life drama. Shadow Nisman on the streets of Buenos Aires, then take a seat beside the power brokers as they decide which pieces on the board are safe—and which pawns will be sacrificed.
Death of a Pawn is a stand-alone companion story to Weapons of Mass Deception, the riveting national security thriller about the very real threats of the 21st century.
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