Mack Reynolds,Stanley Mullen,Charles E.Fritch,John Davis,Malcolm B. Morehart Jr.

Lost Sci-Fi Books 11 thru 15

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Lost Sci-Fi Books 11 thru 15 - 5 Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s
Leave Earthmen or Die! written by John Massie Davis - Murph, Forsyth, and Jamison heard the alien voice warn them. And to each it sounded familiar—a sweetheart, a son, a hated enemy!The Fugitives written by Malcolm B. Morehart Jr. - Somehow Jeff Engel followed the stranger into another world—among people who hated all aliens. And of course, he was now one himself!The Voyage of Vanishing Men written by Stanley Mullen - Earthmen had never ventured into the vast unknown beyond the galaxy. But now a survey was ordered and a ship sent out. So Braun went on — The Voyage Of Vanishing Men.A Zloor For Your Trouble written by Mack Reynolds - Prescott stood to make a young fortune if he could capture a martian zloor—dead or alive! Was there a catch to it? Only for the hunter!Danger in the Void written by Charles E. Fritch - Silvia secretly planned to divorce George when they reached Arcturus. But a space journey can alter a careful plan—or hatch a worse one!
Scott Miller
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