Mort Castle

The Strangers

You see him at PTA meetings, selling peanuts for Kiwanis, mowing his lawn. Michael Louden is your ever-so-average nice guy, your neighbor, your friend - except he wants to kill you and your family and your dog. He's the next door serial psycho, Jack the Ripper in Willy Loman's well-shined shoes - and John Wayne Gacy in his clown costume. And he's not alone. Michael Louden and others like him, Strangers, are just waiting for their moment of history - to destroy any hope of the future. The Strangers offers one of the most unsettling and true representations of evil that you're likely to experience in a horror novel." -From the Introduction by Marc Paoletti.

The Strangers, Mort Castle's 1984 cult classic of hard driving horror, is back in this audiobook version. This wonderfully creepy, yet disturbing, tale will have you looking around at your friends, family, and neighbors in a way you never suspected. The Strangers has been optioned by Whitewater Films in 2005.
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