Annie Gabriel

Mumble & Jumble — Magic & Mayhem

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Book 1: Story 1:

Jeminee Hooskin (nickname Mumble) turns 11. Her new neighbour Jem Bunkwith (nickname Jumble) presents her with an extraordinary present, one that only very special people know how to use. When she is called upon to rescue the least pleasant girl in Mumble’s school, she is helped by another wonderful present — a filthy, dirty dog called Shulfi. With Mumble’s Magic presents and her new friend, Jumble, Mumble’s life takes an amazing new turn.

Book 1: Story 2:

When Mumble loses ‘flutle’ (the present Jumble gave her at the birthday party,) she begins to panic. Unbeknown to her and her mum, Shulfi has a clever hiding place for all lost things.

Book 1: Story 3:

Mumble and Jumble head back to school where new friends are made. Bernie Emptibottom is one such friend who has an alarming digestive problem which comes dramatically to the fore in the middle of lunch in the Grubatorium. Mumble and Jumble use their magic powers to rescue Bernie, thus avoiding a disastrous event.

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