Nicola Nichols

Stowaway on a Billionaire's Yacht

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Seducing a deckhand to get on board a luxury mega-yacht to escape the cops seemed like a good idea at the time. For Tyler, it was an easy choice. But Brad, the billionaire owner of the ship, sees things a little differently. She’s a stowaway, and that means this bad girl is off the radar. No one knows she’s on board, and she’s his to do with as he pleases.
~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
Tyler slipped into the waterfront bar and stopped to catch her breath. As she waited for calmness to return, she noted that the bar had a decent crowd milling about. That suited her purposes perfectly — there were just enough people milling about for her to disappear into a sea of faces, but it the room wasn’t packed tight, either. If she had to leave quickly, making her way through them would be obvious.
She’d lucked out another way, too. She hadn’t had time to think about her clothes, but her tee shirt and jeans fit right in with these young working-class people. The cops would stand out.
Drifting slowly, deliberately, she went to the bar and ordered a shot of house bourbon. Although drinks would be expensive here, taking the time to drink one, made her blend in more. It was worth spending some of her few euros on the drink. The cops wouldn't expect someone on the run to stop for a drink at the bar...
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