Steven West

Critical Thinking Skills Workbook Questions, Exercises and Games to Develop Your Problem Solving, Critical Thinking and Goal Achieving Skills

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Improve your critical thinking skills
Critical thinking is a skill that has to be trained and practiced like any other skill. Being able to solve difficult problems, and make clear and precise decisions, are of vital importance in today's dynamic environment, and is the only real competitive advantage we have to compete in the marketplace. This audio workbook is a great introduction to various practical practices you can use to improve your critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and goal-setting skills.
When you download this book today you'll also learn....
The whats and whys of critical thinking
Developing your critical thinking skills
How to ask questions that promote critical thinking
Mental exercises to develop your critical thinking skills
Activities/games that help develop critical thinking skills
New critical thinking apps
Much, much more!
Download your copy today! Take action today and discover practical ways to improve your thinking skills!
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