John M. Rosen

Negotiation: The Ultimate Guide for Negotiating Strategies and Skills

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Are you in a job where negotiation is the key to sealing deals?
Are you a competent and skilful negotiator or are you lacking in some areas?
Do you need help to understand some of the basics before your next big challenge?
Negotiating is something we do on a daily basis. We may not be aware of it and we may not understand it fully, but it is something we all practice to a greater of lesser degree. From dealing with your kids when they want something, through to finding the best deal when your car needs fixed, you’d be surprised how often you have to negotiate.
But that doesn’t mean we are any good at it, so this book, Negotiation: The Ultimate Guide for Negotiating Strategies and Skills, aims to put that right with just 4 short chapters on:
- Understanding the Negotiation Process
- The Importance of Preparation in Negotiations
- Establishing Goals and Limitations
- Communication Clearly to Get What You Want
With these basic skills under your belt you will be able to negotiate with almost anyone on any matter, whether you want an extra few sprinkles on your ice cream or a few thousand dollars extra in your pay.
Get a copy of Negotiation and make sure you get what you want!
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