Charles Dickens,Steve Cook

A Christmas Carol

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Dramatized by best-selling narrator, Steve Cook, this abridged re-telling of Dickens' classic Christmas tale has something for everyone. All the sounds of 19th Century London are captured, from clopping hooves on cobblestones to booming Westminster chimes at midnight to the supernatural comings and goings of Scrooge’s four nocturnal visitors. Plus, a complete soundtrack of suspenseful and seasonal music throughout puts the finishing touches on a true, old-fashioned radio theatre-style experience.
“Often great pieces of literature are so abridged when they’re dramatized that they lose the full power of the language and the storytelling,” says Cook. “I’ve taken great care to be as gentle as possible with this abridgment while still seeking to hold the attention of today’s audience. Of course, having over 20 different character voices and a full cinematic soundscape underneath always helps too.”
This dramatized recording is taken directly from Cook's performance of Dickens' full, 3.5-hour, five-chapter masterpiece, which is also available for download at 5talentsaudio.com.
"God bless us, every one!"
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