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Rosehill Home for the Elderly is run by the almost evil Joan Holloway-Potts-Jones-Bristowe. The same crowd is in residence, but nothing is quite what it seems. With an eye on the income revenue, Joan decides to turn the clock back after a devastating fire, and redecorates the whole home in retro style, with furniture and music from the sixties, and one extra ingredient grown in the garden. The new brownies served at supper and the porridge at breakfast liven up the inmates, sending them into mild ecstasy. There is always someone keen to make such a misdemeanor very public and this threatens to upset Joan’s plans. Does she really hope to make her residents happier by pretending they are still young, or does she have an ulterior motive? She plans to keep them fit with water aerobics and yoga exercise; plans which will reinvent them and get their pheromones pumping. The old friends who take numerous cups of tea daily, the Teapots, Dee, Dottie, Dulcie, and now Frank, are enthusiastic about the changes but is this due to the little extra added to their food?

Turning Back the Clock is set in the northeast of Australia and contains some wonderful scenes of the landscape. Set in a retirement home, it would appeal to all ages as the residents are not sitting placidly in God’s waiting room, but are full of energy and spirit proving that ‘life begins at 70’. Packed with humorous quips, the friends do not take Joan too seriously. The Teapots are busy with their knitting, listening to classical music, or revelling in a long lost and found love. Enter Jean-Michel, a dashing Frenchman with a delightful accent who performs a couple of minor miracles, then add a team determined to expose the truth behind Joan’s machinations, and the stage is set for a cozy mystery that is sure to make you smile.
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