Dani Lai MacGregor

Spelling for Kids, Parents and Just for Fun 5 and 6 - Letter Words

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Hello Kids and Parents. This is a box set of the 5-letter words book and 6-letter words book. Here is your chance to have a set of two! Get both of these great books together at once!
In the lessons attached, we have over 920 5 and 6-letter words and sentences that will help sharpen your child’s thinking skills and help you and your child have some fun together. There are many different chapters on several subjects including Words to do with Work and Words that start with C.
As you work thru this audiobook, you will be asked to spell the word, then given the word used in a sentence. The word will then be repeated followed by a pause where you have time to work out the spelling on your own before you are given the correct spelling of the word. Then it's on to the next.
Sharpen your skills and have fun figuring out how many more 5 and 6-letter words you can find than I did! Enjoy, and Let’s get started!!
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