Frankie Love

Coming Home to the Mountain

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Come back to the mountain with Frankie Love! Coming Home to the Mountain is a new filthy-sweet, high heat series by Frankie Love featuring rugged mountain men who fall hard, fast and forever. And with the women they love at their side, they choose to put family first. Discover:

-protective hero
-high heat, all the feels
-characters with strong moral compass
-super steamy in all the right ways
-small town romance

Rough Patch
Reuben gets his second chance at love, with his daughter Plum at his side.

Rough Enough
A baby and a woman -- scared for their lives. A mountain man who will stop at nothing to protect them.

Rough Justice
When I leave for a hunting trip to the family cabin, I don’t expect to find the woman of my goddamn dreams squatting there.

Rough Around the Edges
Fig Finds Love! Coming back after my fashion internship was supposed to be a short-term stop … but my heart is telling me I belong right here at Home, WA.
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