Anita Knight

Love All

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Love All is a best-friends-to-lovers college sports romance with a happily ever after. It is the second book in the College Sports series and can be read as a standalone.

I’m a record-breaking college tennis champion on track to going pro with my doubles partner and best friend since childhood, Chris Marlowe.
My life is perfect, until Chris unexpectedly quits the team and stops talking to me altogether.
When he asks to play a game with me weeks later as if nothing’s wrong, I can’t decide if I want to punch him in the face or pull him into a hug and never let go.
Because the truth is, I’ve always loved Chris, and he didn’t just quit the team, he broke my heart.
After what he did, Chris doesn’t deserve a second chance. Yet the thought of seeing him makes my heart soar and my stomach flip.
I couldn’t possibly still love him… could I?

I’ve been in love with Harley Prescott since the day we stepped foot on the same tennis court sixteen years ago, and I’m pretty sure I just made her hate my guts. Possibly forever.
Which really sucks because I was hoping to spend my forever with her.
She’s feisty and competitive and takes no prisoners.
I’ve never been on the wrong side of her net before, and I don’t like it one bit.
Knowing Harley, the only way she’ll ever speak to me again is if I beat her on the court.
Which is much easier said than done, especially when she’s pissed as hell.
So when she agrees to meet me for one last match, you bet your ass I’m ready for the game of my life.
Because when I play, I play to win, and this time it’s for more than just bragging rights.
This time, I’m playing to make Harley mine.

If you love steamy sweet sex scenes and second chances, you’ll love this college sports romance. Welcome to Tempt University!
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