Corona Monologues

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Corona Monologues is a treatise about the -Rona, conversations about the lock down, poetic words on what the lockdown has done to nature among other epithets surrounding the world at this difficult tome.
Below is a list of the topics covered
Chapter 1-A Wet Market in China Changed the World
Chapter 2-A Desolate World
Chapter 3-Worry, Not
Chapter 4-Measles of Mankind
Chapter 5-Marie Antoinette Fever
Chapter 6-The Lies That We Tell Ourselves
Chapter 7-A World of Sorrow
Chapter 8-What a Wonderful World
Chapter 9-Lab Rats of the World
Chapter 10-A Social Animal
Chapter 11-A Preacher’s Greed
Chapter 12-A Brother’s Keeper
Chapter 13-It’s Time to Dream
Chapter 14-The Forgotten
Chapter 15-An Anxious World
Chapter 16-Escape from this World
Chapter 17-The Politics of Disease
Chapter 18-Moral Quandaries of Lockdown
Chapter 19-Bail Out Humans
Chapter 20-2020, A White Man’s Year with African Problems
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