editor,Esther Friedman,Jamie Swalley

The Gentle Souls Revolution

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Have you been told, “you’re too sensitive” or “you think too much”? Do you wonder, what is wrong with me?
Nothing, according to The Gentle Souls Revolution author, Esther Friedman
After a five-year cultic misadventure in a secret "school," Friedman wrote her cautionary tale. Memoir led to research on narcissistic abuse and a recovery template for empaths. With humor and compassion, Friedman describes how the cult exploited her empathy. She interviews former members from other cults and includes research from leading experts. We learn that all cults and cons market false hope by leveraging human nature to profit from the vulnerable.
This revolution teaches Gentle Souls to self-protect by accepting the existence of—and learning to identify pathological selfishness. When you value and protect your like the priceless gem they are, those vulnerabilities become your greatest strengths. That is The Gentle Souls Revolution.
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