Alex Canny

Anxiety, Leave Me Alone: Simple Ways To End Anxiety Now

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Learn how to understand your inner self and equip yourself with scientific strategies to conquer your ANXIETY!
Do you find yourself over thinking every step you are taking? Feel vulnerable every time your friend say “pull yourself together drama queen?” (or king)? Struggle with a professional failure or a personal issue? Long for reclaiming power over your own self by yourself? Want to get help now by an expert without undergoing hours of confessions in a confined office?
Anxiety affects more than 18% of Americans and more than 25% of the world population: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We tend to forget that our lives are loaded by a myriad of inevitable changes and our age is too hectic to cope with it without getting help. We discount the fact that we get overwhelmed every time life hits us hard; instead we shrink in our sense of stigma and failure and get trapped in the shackles of our out-of-control anxiety.
This book will help you figure out the reasons and triggers behind collapsing into anxiety. In a conversational style, Dr. Canny teaches you techniques for analyzing and understanding your own anxiety thoughts and triggers. In the first part of the book, you dig deeper into your inner-self and come up with the reasons behind your unhelpful cognitive distortions; those mistaken and manipulating thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that you cling to without even recognizing them. Then, you will be guided through practical strategies of emotional regulation to develop your own coping strategies and skills to solve the situations you fear and implement lifestyle changes.
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