Jason Gale

How to Analyze Latent Criminals: Dark Psychology

How to Analyze Latent Criminals: Dark Psychology

Have you ever wondered how criminals came to be?

Were they born like this way with some predisposed genetic tendencies or was it their upbringing, thus, environmental context which shaped their behaviors and attitudes?

The answer is actually quite complicated and this book strives to answers these thought provoking questions in detail. Case studies of historic psychopaths and criminals are dissected part by part, and analyzed so you can understand how dark psychology operates.

Maybe you're being manipulated at work? The truth is criminals are not only capable of dark psychology, but average every day people you encounter are also capable of committing malicious actions against you too!

What You Will Learn

Predatory behaviors

Theories on dark psychology

Case studies on psychopaths

Factors that drive crime

Sociopaths & latent criminals

Body language

How to stop manipulation

Disarming predators

And, much, much more!

Your neighbor, co-worker, close friends and even family members could potentially be latent criminals!

The greatest investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

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