Winston Marks,Alan E.Nourse,William Morrison,Russ Winterbotham,Joseph Slotkin

Lost Sci-Fi Books 16 thru 20

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Lost Sci-Fi Books 16 thru 20 - Five Lost Sci-Fi Short Stories from the 1940s, 50s and 60s
A Matter of Ethics by Russ Winterbotham - Homer was a shy Faderfield bachelor; his visitor was a beautiful Pleiades girl. At any rate she was a girl, and Homer had a problem— A Matter of EthicsSlay-Ride written by Winston Marks - Who ever thought that Frane Lewis—wholesale triggerman, spaceways pirate—would be the sweating victim of a simple, webbed, nylon garment known as spaceman's underwear?The Addicts Written by William Morrison - Wives always try to cure husbands of bad habits, even on lonely asteroids!The Queen of Space by Joseph Slotkin - Helen LaTour had the best hip wriggle in galactic Burleyque. In fact, it was so good she hipped herself smack into another dimension!The Fifty-Fourth of July by Alan E. Nourse - Matt had to destroy the rocket because it was a symbol of evil that had brought economic disaster. But must he also destroy—the future?
Scott Miller
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